Tiger Leap on The d/i/light Memorial

Tiger Leap on The d/i/light Memorial

The d // ilight Memorial
is pleased to announce the new addition of a film to the Shoah Film Collection and to welcome its authors, three Cologne artists and filmmakers as participants.

The film is titled Tiger Leap and was produced in 2017/2018. The authors of the film are – Boaz Kaizmann, Peter Rosenthal and Marcus Seibert, all three live and work in Cologne.

The film is about Ernst Berliner, a Jewish track cycling manager from Cologne-Ehrenfeld, who hid in the Netherlands surviving the Third Reich in Zaandam, after the Second World War tried to open a case about the death of his friend and pupil Albert Richter , Albert Richter, “world champion pilot” of 1932 and multiple German champion, was betrayed and killed in 1940 in the Gestapo prison Lörrach, when he tried to flee to Switzerland, after he had previously refused to deliver the Hitler salute and swastika jerseys to wear during the race. In 1966, the Cologne prosecutor refused to file a lawsuit to clarify the accident. Important testimonies were ignored. The dispute over the designation of the Cologne Velodrome in the mid-nineties shows that the Nazi dictum to delete the name Albert Richter from all memories continued into the Federal Republic.

The English-language page
released only a three-minute trailer due to the length of the film of 27 minutes, and at the same time refers by a link to the film in full length, which is to call on the film project page.

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, the media artist and curator living and working in Cologne, published the project of the Shoah Film Collection in 2010 (initiated in 2009 as an international media art and peace initiative). In 2017, the Shoah Film Collection, now with more than 100 participating artists from 35 countries, became the foundation of “The d / i / light Memorial”. In 2018, this commemorative project became part of the “7 Memorial to Humanity”.

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