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Ruuska, Pekka

COFF, videoart in global context
Nordic focus Country: Finland
Curated by Pekka Ruuska
biography http://and.nmartproject.net/?p=1580

Curatorial statement
Object itself has to recommend something new for the subcontext where it is shown.
The medium itself isn’t enough to adjust which genre the piece stands for.
Since postmodernism aesthethics has become difficult to evaluate. Art has
become a matter of individual taste, which should not be measured. The most difficult thing in art is to learn how to stand the site-specific nature of creative process. Art is a lifelong process. When you think that you have caught it, it´s already miles away from you. Making of millions mistakes is the key for growth.
And also being brave to think different, and also learning how to communicate it out through objects and thoughts. Art exists when you know about it.

For this screening of COFF – videoart in global context and COFF – Nordic Focus, I have selected 12(60mins) and 8(30mins) fresh videoworks made in Finland. I have tried to give for a spectator a large sperctrum of what´s happening in the videoart field in Finland at the moment. Most of the works are reflecting crushes
between the natural life and hi-tech.

Nordic focus: Finland
30 minutes selection, 8 visual artists:

1. Timo Bredenberg
“Ghost Riding” 2010
00:03:48:10, 16:9, dv

Ghost Riding involves walking or dancing alongside a car while a vehicle is still moving. -Wikipedia In Ghost Ride I examine how people represent themselves in the ghost riding community and how these
representations have spread from subcultural to global level in the Internet. Young U.S. soldiers have taken ghost riding to Iraq. Mobile phone camera footage of ghost riding soldiers gives a new perspective to our way of seeing the connection between war and our everyday life. Ghost Ride is a two channel installation. Second channel consists of text comments found from video sharing communities.
Screening version also available. Ghost ride has been presented in Taidehalli TR1 and Galleria Rajatila, Tampere, Finland.

2. Eero Yli-Vakkuri
00:12:14:02, 16:9, hdv

For the beginning is it important to mention that language used in film is not Finnish. It is nonsense language, something similar as the cildren does. Adult trying to be child again. To understand and learn how the children does.

3. Alexandra Smirnoff
“-” 2008
00:01:56:03, 16:9, dv

Reading orders from the air.

4. Outi Heiskanen
“The Humanlighthouse” 2010
00:02:03:13, 4:3, dv

Grand Master Outi Heiskanen. Still relevant in the art world and still seeking for new ways to say and reflect the truth through her artworks and actions.

5. Liisa KulliMäki
00:03:09:03, 16:9, hd

Cars and girls. Cars are rolling in the set ups in the Geneva Car Exhibition. Girls are rolling in the set ups in the Geneva Car Exhibition. The image is ready. If you buy this car, you can get this girl. The image works
both sides. The participants of the business accepts the rules and the proposed context becomes a piece of reality.
Let´s just settle the price in cash. This work is dedicated to photographer BILL OWENS.

6. Paula Lehtonen
“gaze tease”, 2010
00:02:04:00, 4:3, hd

As a parent I am quite powerless against the power of moving image and the power of Wall Street.

7. Tiina Lillack
“life.jacket” 2008
00:01:00:00, 4:3, dv

Serious protocol to create the feeling “You are safe.” in the aeroplains gets serious harrasment. This video piece is one of my best pieces pointing out my beliefs towards art. Art needs to always tell the truth. And truth can´t ever be safe or act (fake life) in front of the camera. That´s why also theatre always keeps as role of entertainment and visual art allows the artist to be more honest for himself and seek for the truth. A definition of a good videoartist is the same as good poetrist. You can´t fake your own voice. You need to live it, sacrifice your life, in order to
catch these few moments from the life. In order to show or tell it to the others.

“Mika Boogie?” 2010
00:03:13:00, 16:9, hd

Last summer artists Sir Ender and Conductor Conductor made a music video starring two Asian guys in a rural Finnish landscape performing a Finnish summer hit. This video produced at the Arteles Creative Center in Haukijärvi, Finland was then uploaded to YouTube. I wanted to made a blog post of this video since some of the Finnish speaking commenters
are asking if the stars of this video are berry pickers…