WOW.14 / Ukraine

The New Museum of Networked Art
is happy to return 2018 to Ukraine
presenting the W:OW Project and its screening programs in Kharkiv & Kiev.

The museum would like to thank Lidia Starodubtseva (Karazin National University Kharkiv)
& Nataliya Valda ( Valmedia Kiev) for managing the WOW events.

WOW Ukraine 2018

Between 10 & 15 April 2018, Wow Ukraine took place in Kharkiv (10-12 April)- National Karazin University & Municipal Art Gallery – arranged by Lidia Starodubtseva (Head of Department of Media Communication @ the university, and in Kiev (13-15 April) – National House of Cinema / Say by Body Art Festival Kiev & University of Arts – arranged by Nataliya Valda (Head of Vamedia Kiev).
On 11 April 2018, Agricola de Cologne was honoured by the Media Communicatiopn department with the honorary “MAGISTER” for his achievements in videoart.

Agricola de Cologne was presenting in Kharkiv and Kiev “The W:OW Project”, including a screening program which had been compiled especial for the Ukrainian venues.

See the list of videos here

Municipal Art Gallery Kharkiv
Valmedia by Nataliya Valda Kiev
National Karazin University Kharkiv – Media Communication Department – Mediatopos